Owing to their beauty, durability and economy, our pavers have found applicability, as one of the most preferred choices, in walk ways, jogging tracks, building compounds, storage yards, petrol stations, swimming pool decks, parking lots, lawns and other landscaping areas.

We offer a range of high quality designer pavers for exterior uses; and each range of pavers has undergone successful vibration test and other tests as well.


  • Reusable after removal for changes to underground utilities
  • Environment friendly as they allow rain water to flow back in to the ground through the sand joints
  • More attractive than asphalt and poured concrete
  • Stronger in winter and not prone to cracking
  • Easy to install and no curing required after laying
  • Non slippery
  • Year round all weather installation possible
  • Less absorbent than asphalt and poured concrete
  • Major cost savings
  • Less maintenance
  • Complete range for all applications