Industrial Heavy Duty Paver Block

Heavy Duty Paver Block are technically well designed, stronger than application needs and are available in several design and finish options.

Normally one either has pavers with good finish or pavers with good strength. From Alcock you have Pavers with the highest strength and aesthetic finish.

Thickness Available

  • 80 mm
  • 100 mm

Finish Options

  • Plain
  • Shotblasted
  • and Coated


At factories and warehouses concrete block paving has the ability to withstand concentrated heavy loads and to resist the wheel loads of off-road vehicles such as cranes and forklifts.

Container depots are subjected to some of the heaviest traffic loading as well as heavy long-term static loading. Throughout the world, concrete block paving is recognised as the most suitable and cost effective method of surfacing these areas.


Our Pavers and Tiles are loaded on Internal Plotting Roads, Promenades, Container Freight Stations, Public Roads, Industrial roads, Warehouses, Service lanes, all Landscaped areas, Side-Ways, Foyers, Building Compounds, Drive-Ways, Porticoes, Car ramps, Corridors & Verandas, Swimming Pool Decks, Foot-paths, Garage, Parking, etc.

Infrastructural applications like Roads and Highways, Warehouses, Ports, industrial application, Container Yards, etc on one hand, to the value added paving surfaces for internal roads of real estate developments to all sorts of hardscaped surfaces on the other. Heavy Duty Paver Block offer excellent options in terms of strength, shapes, sizes colours etc.