Storage Tanks

At Alcock, with our speciality in RCC Cement Pipes has allowed us to create durable RCC Storage tanks that will last for years. Their popular use is storing drinking water at residential and commercial spaces. As these tanks are made in factory, each will take much less time than making them on site.

These storage tanks are made on machines with the centrifugal casting method. We use waterproofing plasticiser in concrete while casting the tank. So the product is very solid & high density that its really very hard to damage the tank. We apply thick layer of epoxy coating inside the tank to ensure 0% leakage or seepage.

We are proud to say that in over five decades since the product launch we have never received any complaint. We have supplied this tank to our reputed clients recently in Dishman SEZ, Tata Nano Project (Sanand), & Galaxy Developers in bulk quantity. These heavy duty tanks are also used for Acid proof vessel with HDPE lining.

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Storage Tank
Storage Tank