Precast concrete is a construction item manufactured by casting concrete on mould to cure it in a controlled environment before transporting it to the site for.

As a leader in the manufacture of precast concrete products we are ideally placed to meet the needs of modern day construction industry in every respect.

We manufacture products from 1 kg up to 25,000 kg in any size any shapes including precast and prefabricated structures on any size which can be assembled on site. These products are purely tailor made and can be casted within short period of time due to in-house mould making facility.

Product range in this area includes

  • Concreate Benches
  • Flower Pots
  • Precast Poles
  • Door / Window Frames
  • Hollow Blocks and Solid Blocks
  • Garden Curbing
  • Light Weight Concrete Blocks (CLC Blocks)
  • Eve Gutter
  • Readymade concrete beam
  • All other customised precast products

Our widely varying shapes, sizes and designs make the precast concrete of Alcock the most varied range of all. They are manufactured to the best of quality, to make it weather resistant and durable. They are applicable in wall systems, drainage lines, underground vaults, highway barriers and also stairs and landings for multi-storey buildings.

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